"A guy from Atlantia, Duke Olaf, said that if we would raise $100 for Atlantia, he would belly dance.  The feasters did, so he did, along with some guy who couldn't shake it well.  Dressed in shorts and shoes, Duke Olaf shook his copious belly to medieval music, to the applause of the crowd.  Several women stuffed money in his shorts."     

--Dyfn, musing on the feast at Fall Crown of 1988.

Awaiting photos and stories.

The Era of Ædward and Margala, Founding Baron and Baroness

First came Ædward, founding baron. Coronet claimed  when kingdom was young. Twice-ordered knight, yet knowing no peer.

Margala of Dovedale, the great traveler. Her needles wielded in worthy threadwork. Sunflower token, tresses of raven.

We honor their names, who offered their service.