Bards use their talents not only to entertain, but also to praise and to damn, to teach and to admonish.  If they are doing their job properly, they can achieve several of these objectives at once.

Merits of a King: a poem admonishing those who fight for the crown to remember that skill at arms is the least of the virtues of a good king.

The Baronial List of Bryn Madoc: A combination of history and admonishing.

Heroics: a short thought about what makes a hero.

Sir Galan: Praise on the 30th anniversary of his knighting.

Master AEdward: Praise on the 25th anniversary of his knighting.

Terza Rima: In Praise of Gwydion

Gwydion, the  Tall Baron: We kid because we love.

Now Comes the King: Recited for Boru IV at the beginning of his coronation ceremony.  Very much a panegyric piece.

Claiming the Crown: Recited for Kenneth Cyning and Sabine Cwen at their coronation ceremony, which was set in 6th century Kent; the piece refers to the unusually large, long and varied Crown Tourney.

All Roses Are Red: Written by Oengus mac GillaDubain

Chanson de Ysmay: Observations on a Queen

Word Hoard