By Our People

Master Lorenzo Petrucci began his SCA career in Bryn Madoc. Find a sampling of his verse here.

As our forebears knew in fire-lit halls,

Here stands a bard!  Hearken to him!

Find truth in poetry, and purpose in verse.

About Our People

The Baronial List: Read at each Investiture.

Sir Galan, on the 30th anniversary of his knighting.

Master AEdward, on the 25th anniversary of his knighting.

Terza Rima: In Praise of Gwydion

Gwydion, the  Tall Baron

Hounds and Ravens, relating a course of a melee.

Mara Cleaver-Wielder, kitchen warrior.

The Oaken Bench, Mara's bane.

Orlando Furioso Revivens, praising Duke Orlando.

AEdward, by Knut Bjornsson

Fair Words and True

The History of Madoc in Poetry, Song and Story