About Our People

The Baronial List: Read at each Investiture.

Sir Galan, on the 30th anniversary of his knighting.

Master AEdward, on the 25th anniversary of his knighting.

Terza Rima: In Praise of Gwydion

Gwydion, the  Tall Baron

Hounds and Ravens, relating a course of a melee.

Mara Cleaver-Wielder, kitchen warrior.

The Oaken Bench, Mara's bane.

Orlando Furioso Revivens, praising Duke Orlando.

AEdward, by Knut Bjornsson

Fair Words and True

The History of Madoc in Poetry, Song and Story

By Our People

Master Lorenzo Petrucci began his SCA career in Bryn Madoc. Find a sampling of his verse here.

As our forebears knew in fire-lit halls,

Here stands a bard!  Hearken to him!

Find truth in poetry, and purpose in verse.