Master Stonnehew Houtsson of Red Oak ( aka Steinharr Bludaxe)

First Madocian fighter to enter a tourney.

Read his saga composed by Master AEdward.

Read this panegyric on the occasion of his elevation.

Across to the Western Shore

Master Dylan ab Aneirin y Breuddwydiwr

Founding member of the barony, artist, and dancing flamingo.

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Lady Astrid Snorrisdottir, the Cheerful (aka Jessica l'archier)

Industrious and a joy to be around.

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The Honorable Lord Aoghann Mac Gumerait ( aka Owen  de Montgomery)

Steady leader and exceptional cook.

Earl Richard of Rae Fen

(aka Rick Hatten)

Madocian King of Meridies.

Paragon of Knighthood.

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Countess Caitlin di Verona

A Lady and a Queen

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